Bimblegumbie has developed and grown over many years. One of the most outstanding achievements are the gardens and its evolution over the years.

The gardens have won local awards and have graced the pages of newspapers and magazines including Australian Country and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Garden - Fairy

The gardens started in 1978 with the earth being moved and boulders rolled into place more for wind breaks and access rather than a part of a bigger picture. The winds by the way, still get us!

The unstoppable gardener and creator, Jean MacDonald passionately nourished and developed many a sprawling area of Bimblegumbie (we have lots of room). Creating and building hot houses, garden beds, rock composting bins and the odd vegetable and rose garden/s.

Through the 20 year drought, it was definitely a labour of love and to this day it remains so.

Garden - Flute

However, now in the hands of Craig Clarkson, who has taken on the heavy heavy mantle through bushfires, major wind challenges and the threat of more drought. See labour of love!

Enjoy some of the pictures but better still meander through all the secret areas on your next visit.

Garden - Scorpion